Welcome to the 1st episode of the DigitalFilipino.com Podcast. This was made possible by Creative Voices.

Listen as I tackle information productivity tools and payment gateway technologies that I'm using today.

The twice-a-month DigitalFilipino Podcast has the following segments:
- DigitalFilipino.com Updates
- Events
- Ask Janette

For this episode, the following articles can be read in reference:
- iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit
- Accepting Payments Online
- How I keep myself updated
- tummy tucks San Jose (sponsored link)

For future episodes, we will also have special guest to be featured.

Feel free to send your recorded messages and we might just play them in the next episode.

I also realized that I had a little date glitch in this 1st episode and hope will do better next time.

Thank you for the support!